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Roland Topor
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Facebook gave Robert Mueller far more information than Congress on the $100k of Russian ads


This post cleared my skin, made my cramps disappear, and finished my homework for me.

This post fed the cats and gave me a nice backrub.
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The old hippie in me kinda likes this though via Shitty_Car_Mods

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But Insane Clown Posse sit at the far edge of typical adolescent rebellion. Observers have derided Juggalos as vile and depraved, beyond the point of reform, lost causes that embody cultural decline and stupidity.

Aware of society’s opinion of them, Juggalos see themselves as part of a family that must look out for itself because no one else will. It’s a genuine community that accepts those who would otherwise be cast aside and allows the marginalized to express themselves without fear of ridicule. It’s sutured itself together through members’ shared understanding of their status as the dregs of society, a genuine example of class-consciousness that any socialist should admire.

Class Clowns - Juggalos are marching on Washington tomorrow — and the Left should support them. (Jacobin Mag)
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On September 15h, 2017 the Cassini spacecraft will end its 20-year mission by diving into the atmosphere of Saturn.

Goodnight, Cassini.

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“Let me play you the song of my people”

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S' trooth, mate.
I have never came across an expression so reasurring about its message.  One just has to believe this Aussie.
Nah, you dinneae shite.
I have never come across an expression so reassuring about its message. One just has to believe this Scotsman.
Also, my English registers are properly fucked.
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synchronized swimming from... underwater

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OK, that's pretty fancy, all that language and picture recognition, but
WHEN THE FUCK are you going to recognise I was going to copy and paste JUST THIS PART and not the whole page EXCLUDING THE PART
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Hermit crabs making their home in washed up dolls
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