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I think the “women are mysterious” thing can also come from:

1) Women actually being quite clear, but not telling men what they want to hear.  ”She said she doesn’t want to talk to me?  So many mixed messages and confusing signals!”

2) Women not having cheat codes.  ”I tried being nice, and she didn’t have sex with me.  I tried being an asshole, and she didn’t have sex with me.  Come on, there’s got to be some kind of solution to this puzzle!”

3) Women not being a hive mind.  ”First a woman told me that she likes guys with big muscles.  Then the very next day a woman told me she thinks muscles aren’t attractive at all.  Make up your mind, women!”

4) An individual woman doing something confusing, and instead of asking “why is she doing this now?” men ask “why do women always do this?”

Always reblog

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when you successfully resist a self-destructive impulse

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no offense but “family is the people you choose to surround yourself with and love you dearly” will literally ALWAYS be a better theme and a better concept than “love the family you were arbitrarily stuck with because they’re related to you”

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Where the World’s Unsold Cars Go to Die

Above are photos of thousands and thousands of brand new, unsold cars in various locations from the U.S., Italy, U.K., Spain, Russia, and elsewhere. 

Millions of unsold cars are left to deteriorate in old airports, parking lots, and new tracks of land being bought to store these cars. Auto companies won’t sell them at a cheap price because it wouldn’t be profitable to. 

The car industry cannot stop making new cars because they would have to close their factories and lay off tens of thousands of employees. This would further add to the recession. Also the domino effect would be catastrophic as steel manufactures would not sell their steel. All the tens of thousands of places where car components are made would also be effected, indeed the world could come to a grinding halt.


capitalism is cool, correct, and sensible

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war criminal
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Brain is suspended in fluid - so this gif is wildly innacurate.
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