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Why does no one ever ask "Are you a tomato person, or a banana person?"
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Cud, miód, kwiatki, bez rozwodów i antykoncepcji, praktycznie bez praw. "Jestem może staroświecka/i, ale..." (wyjmuje zza paska z tyłu i przeładowuje pistolet)
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such playa
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milena gorum

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Every time I read up on why Walmart failed in Germany again I am massively entertained.

I can recommend it to everyone. 

Google “Why Walmart failed in Germany”. 

Hours of entertainment. 

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If you say there’s god, or there are gods, I believe you that there's, let's say, Jesus in your life; or that you're a typical Pisces - same shit after all and good for you. Just don't fucking try to convince me it's real. That's it.
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